Saturday, June 26, 2010

We have some of the cuuuuuutest kitties

Peanut adopted July 2010. But we have more. Click here.

These are the candybar kittens because they are all so sweet. We have a orange male tabby named Butterfinger, calico female named Reeses, light buff color male named Heath, black and white male named AJ (Almond Joy) (he has pretty blue eyes), white with light tan marking male named Hersey (he also has blue eyes) grey female(?) named Kit Kat and a little grey tabby who is the runt of the litter named Peanut. These guys were bottled feed since they were one week old because their mother was killed and then the owners thought it would be to hard to find families so they took them to a high kill shelter. They were schedule to be put down until one of our volunteers pulled them. Please call if you would like more information about these sweet babies.