Thursday, June 17, 2010

Adopt-a-mail from Gracey Anne's family

"Gracey Anne is simply a phenomenal animal. She is sweet, submissive, all
smiles and eager to please. She loves to play, but quiets down so quickly.
She is wonderful with my granddaughter, Macy, who is 4. Macy was feeding
both Gracey and Rescue Boy treats and they were both sitting and getting the treats and loving her! Except for her shedding, so far she is the "perfect"
animal :-) I haven't tried to brush her yet - just letting her settle in.
She slept very well her first night. She started off in the bed with me,
but moved to the floor not too long after. She had a big cushion for a bed,
but she chose the rug on the floor :-) She is just great!"
Most sincerely,