Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Need a good bedtime story?

Once upon a time....

Just wanted to send you a picture of the girls. They are loving life and enjoy spending time together. Thanks again for Daisy.
Kim & Paul

....and they lived happily ever after.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Minor Set back. We NEED your help!

Hope's Haven has had a minor set back November 19th. Due to the Board of Zoning Appeals members (http://www.wilsoncountyplanning.com/office.htm) and some disgruntled property owners near Micah's property, she will no longer be able to be a foster mom for Hope's Haven. Her adjacent neighbors were great and we appreciate their support during our case hearing. This decision will have a huge impact on the community since Micah played a large role in fostering the larger breeds for Hope's Haven. Because of some people's uneducated views or misplaced grudges, animals in need will be euthanized. We will continue to move forward but are in a urgent need to place the animals in Micah's care. If you would like to open your home and foster these beautiful animals, please call Micah at 260-4379 or Kathy at 430-0616.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

I thought I would let you know that McGruff is doing great, which is good, because there is no way Landon would give him up!! Landon has decided he wants to keep his name as McGruff. McGruff acts like he has lived with us all along. I bought a belly band on Saturday, but took it back on Sunday. He actually goes straight to the back door when he wants out. Saturday night he slept in Landon's room in his kennel, but last night he sleep in the bed with Landon. Parri has got used to him too. We are so happy to have McGruff as a part of our family!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

another Happy Ending

Peggy and I would like to introduce the newest member of the Day family, Boots Miles Day. “Booty” as we call him, is a medium hair chocolate Chihuahua that came to us several weeks ago as a foster. Back at the beginning of November, he was adopted out to a young couple that already had two Chihuahuas and we tearfully watched him drive away to his new home. A few days ago, Peggy got a call from Booty’s new Mom, saying while he was fitting in great with his parents, his two sister Chihuahuas were constantly fighting with him and he was not happy. She asked if we could possibly try to find him another family.

Peggy and I looked at each other and both knew where that new home was going to be. Last night I came home from work and was greeted by Lacey, our Maltese and right behind her came Mr. Boots, jumping up and licking me like he knew he was finally in his forever home. I walked in the house and had a” Congratulations on your new baby boy card” from my wife and “dogter” Lacey.

Needless to say, last night was a good night and our house is a little fuller and even happier now

~Todd Day

Friday, November 19, 2010

Come see us at Hometown Holiday Craft Fair this Saturday Nov.20th

Saturday Nov. 20th 9 am to 3pm
West Wilson Middle School on N. Mt. Juliet Rd
We will have pets there for adoption, and selling
T-shirts, the book "To the Rescue", handmade greeting cards, and more.
All proceeds benefit the rescue, and help us with Vet bills, food, vaccinations, and spay/neutering.
Please come out and support us, and tell everyone you know!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

In Loving Memory of Leo

Our little rescued pit pup, Leo, died Nov 5, 2010 from the dreaded Parvo virus. For those who may not know the story, Kim's friend David had found this teenie little pup behind an AC unit at the apt complex he works for one freezing morning- Oct 4th to be exact. It was unusually cold that night. How smart was it of that little pup to find that warm place to be!

I wish all of you could have known Leo. He was so much fun! Everyone who met him loved him. Johnny adored and doted on him. I was TOTALLY in love with him. Shot straight in the heart by Cupid's Arrow the second I laid eyes on him. He was the cutest, smartest, happiest, most personable little puppy. No bigger than a termite when found, maybe 4 weeks old, and not a fear in the world. How amazing what an impact such a tiny pup can have on a person, or in his case, persons.

Just before he got sick, Leo had spent Sat and Sun afternoon with me here at my house. He was so good. Even my husband had to admit "That is a cute puppy". He was the first rescue Rick had let me bring to our home in about five years. I had been wearing him out, telling him he had to see this puppy, until finally, for some reason, he said I could bring Leo over. I'm so glad I got to spend that special time with him. The next day, Monday, Leo was having a blast playing with 'Petey' (pit) at Kim's. Sue got several hilarious videos of them playing. There were no indications what-so-ever of what was to come. But Tuesday morning Leo just wasn't himself. I called Micah and she said I should take him to the vet right away. He tested positive very quickly. Total shock.

Leo spent the next few days at VetMed. Dr. Gables sent him home with me on Friday afternoon, saying there was nothing more they could do, and that if I wanted, I could take him home and try to keep him hydrated. He died here at my home about midnight, with Kim, Debbie, and me curled around him in front of the fireplace. Kim was keeping the sub-Q fluids going. I guess little Leo just couldn't take it in, he just ran out of fight. He was so tiny and frail by then. We loved him so. Our hearts were broken.

He's buried right out my front door, just the other side of the walk. I can look out there anytime and think of him. No matter how much I cry, it just doesn't seem to be enough. There is a big,empty, aching hole in my chest where my heart used to be. Right now it feels like it will never go away. I blame myself. I wonder why. I want the world to know how special he was. I want for answers, an explanation, to make some sense of it. But in the end, it won't change a thing. All I can do for him now is miss him and remember him, and I always will.


Great weekend at Hermitage PetSmart

We had 6 adoptions. Here is London with his new family.
Thanks to all who visited, adopted, and donated.
And thanks to all our volunteers.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

One of Aubreys babies

One of Aubreys puppies. 44 lbs and counting!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hermitage PetSmart this Saturday, and Sunday.........Be There!!!

We will be at Hermitage PetSmart this Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm, and Sunday 10 am to 5 pm. Come visit Harlow and the rest of the gang, and please tell everyone you know.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

~~~Please Adopt~~~

In order to save more animals, we need to have room.
In order to have the room, we need forever families to adopt.
Please check us on
PetFinder,and share with everyone you know.