Friday, August 20, 2010

John Baxter's new family

Just wanted to send you a few pictures of the happy boy. He enjoyed the ride home and my kids were soooo excited to meet him. The first picture is of my kids and the neighbors. Mine are the boy in the red shirt and the girl in the back. He made friends with the other dogs right away and explored the house. He had a couple accidents inside but probably because he was a little nervous. He also went potty outside on the leash several times as well. He ate most but not all of his dinner. I used the smallest bowls that I had but think that I am going to have to buy smaller ones tomorrow :) He knows what he likes. He was a little more apprehensive about my husband but warmed up to him. He would rather be on the floor than the couch right now but that may change. I am also sending you a picture of the house so you know what kind of home and yard he went to. The kids are in the bed and he did not settle in with them which made them a little dissapointed but we will let him sleep wherever he is comfortable. I think he knows that he is going to get a lot of attention and love.


Anonymous said...

I am John Baxter's "birth" mom and my heart is blessed by the wonderful family that has adopted this fabulous little dog.
John Baxter is an extremely smart dog and he takes his "job" very seriously...and that being?... "watching out for his Mom!"
Even though your family has many children, I will venture to say the John Baxter is most closely associating himself with the Mother of the family . He follows her everywhere and at night, sleeps in bed at the foot...probably in between her feet.
This attachment is not necessarily a dependency on his part, but his "job" ...he sleeps at the foot of the bed so that if any noise is heard, he perks up to "protect his Mom!"
If the adoption family reads this, I think it will bring alot of clarity to many of John Baxter's habits...He loves his "job"...and I know he loves your family. He loved me and I loved him. My relocation factored into my home not being conducive to his well-being. Thank you for loving my sweet John Baxter. I think of him daily and I pray for him, just like I always did. His sister, Marcy Jane, (a cat) misses him too.