Friday, May 14, 2010

We have so many to thank for our continued success

We are a Non Profit 501(c)(3) animal rescue group with a big heart and a bigger mission to help any animal in need. Not even half way through the year we have so many people to thank for all of their continued support. First thanks goes to the Lisa Ross Parker Foundation for the very generous donation of $1,600.00. With the help of this grant we have already treated two dogs for sarcoptic mange and one puppy was saved from the dreaded parvo virus. Special thanks to Tammy Ruff and Rachel from the Foundation for helping us achieve this goal and being so supportive of our group. We would also like to thank Lovey's Legacy for the $1,000.00 donation they donated on 5-10-10 to help offset the cost Middle Tennesse has endured because of the horrific flood. Hope's Haven feels very fortunate that we were not affected nearly as bad as some of the other animal rescue groups therefore, we will be sharing our donation with three other groups in the area!! Thanks Alice with Lovey's Legacy for allowing us to share your generosity to other groups that need assistance. Next, special thanks to Sam at the Hermitage Pet Smart location for donating 5 dog crates, 8 dog beds and 10 food and water bowls. This will make it so much easier to transport our dogs to and from our adoption events. Also, this will keep each animal in our care very safe in their new crates and comfortable on their new beds!! As always, we would like to thank Catherine at the Providence Wal Mart for saving all of their open bags of food and supplies that they can no longer sell and donating them to our group. This helps cut down our cost of feeding and allows more money to be spent on veterinary care and getting the fur babies ready for adoption.
Huge thanks to everyone who has supported our effort in this journey and to everyone who has put in long hours to help volunteer at our adoption events and fundraisers. Once we see our furry friends leave Hope's Haven to begin a life with a family of their own "forever" makes every minute well worth it!!! From the bottom of my heart (and Hope's).... we want you to know how much we appreciate and thank you for all your support!!!