Thursday, March 11, 2010

family updates

Just wanted to give you an update on Jessie. She is the sister of Chip & Dale. We brought her home last Decemeber.

We changed Jessie's name to Sydney. She quickly fit in with the rest of our dogs. She is the 4th adopted dog in our herd of six. She has become best friends with our smallest dog, Finnegan. Finnegan is a red wire hair dachshund we adopted almost a year ago.

Sydney is enjoying life. She comes to work with me everyday. While she enjoys her own bed and space, she can be found most nights on my daughter's queen size bed. Sydney is a quick learner. By the end of December she was sitting on command and by the middle of January she was shaking on command. She was also quick to grasp the concept of fetch. At a very young age, she proved to be a good leaper. So keeping her confined with 'baby gates' was only an option for a short period of time. While she can be a bit skittish around sudden loud noises, she is very obedient and loyal. Knock on wood, she has not yet chewed on anything but dog toys, rawhide, sticks and rocks. And NO, she is not at all spoiled (sarcasm heavily implied)!

I have attached two photographs. One is from the night we met her and the other shows her at approx 4 months of age.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to provide a forever home for this amazing animal. Thanks for all you do.