Saturday, February 6, 2010

From our adoptive families

"Hey there. Been awhile since I touched base with you and wanted to drop you a line and give you a follow up on Ebony. Can you believe we have had her 8 months already? Her personality has really started to shine through. She loves her babies (stuffed animals) and has her own toy basket in the living room. She is a spoiled brat but loved so very much. She doesn't take well to teenage boys coming into our home. (annoys the daughter, overjoys daddy)
Anyway, hope all is well with Hope's Haven. I hope to see you at the next event.
Thanks so much for our Ebony. Have a great day.
Barb D."


"I just received a phone call from Biscuit's new Mom, Susan. She said they absolutely love Biscuit and she has fit in as if she's always been there. Her only vice is wanting to chase their kitty outside but they get along very well indoors. They are thrilled to have her and I'm thrilled to know she has found her home.


"So I am snuggled up on the sofa with Junior and I was thinking that we have not sent you an update in a few weeks. So here goes...
Junior has been stuck to me like Velcro since the start, but starting the second week he began tearing up my stuff when I would leave (never Dan's, always mine, and always expensive). I blamed myself and upped the puppy proofing. That worked until he started chewing Dan's stuff too. So I had to buy a crate this week. He is only in it a few hours a day (if at all) when Dan leaves for work before I am home.
Junior started school on Sunday. We are doing beginner obedience training at the PetSmart here in Smyrna. Junior is doing well and not pulling on the leash when we go for walks since he got his "Halti" head collar. His neck is also looking good. Our vet told us to go to the farmer's coop and get Ivermectin liquid. We have to use a needle to get it out of the bottle, but it is easy to give and it was less than $40 for two months treatment. I don't think Junior likes the taste, but he always gets a cookie after.
All in all, it has been a very normal and mostly painless adjustment. Oh, I almost forgot- Junior is going through toys like a maniac! He plays and plays hard! He chases, tugs, tears, chews, shakes and throws toys all over the living room. It is soo funny to see! Tonight's target was a rope bone and there are strings and fuzz all over the floor! Another one bites the dust!
We will try to come show off all of his new tricks soon!
Puppy kisses!
Junior and Ashley"