Sunday, September 27, 2009


On Sunday, September 27th our little Smokey Joe was reunited with his daddy!! His name is actually Peaches and he is 15 years old!! His dad has been looking for him since September 18th. Someone broke into his apartment and kicked the door in and poor Peaches ran out. The man lets Peaches sleep with him every night so he missed him a whole lot. When we reunited the two of them Sunday night the man squeezed Peaches so tight and asked, "Where have you been buddy?" The man was almost in tears and you could hear it in his voice that it was all he could do not to cry. This truly was a wonderful night for everyone. If I must say so myself, I do think my Hope had a lot to do with this. She was not ready for Mr. Peaches to join her at the rainbow bridge so she helped Peaches find his way to Hope's Haven where she know he would be safe!!! Thanks everyone for a job well done!!!
Micah & Hope :)